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Creative Bookmarks Designs

Really creative bookmarks.


Even though many people has read books with ebook reader, traditional book still popular, because people love the feeling of touching books and those creative bookmarks.

Help! bookmarks are paperclips with arms used as bookmarks.They appear to look like people that have been stuck between your pages.

Pointing Finger. “It’s just like a highlighter, whether the book is written from left to right or top to bottom, as long as you “point” the finger symbol where you finish, next time you want to read, you can find where you read to right away.

Green Leafs Bookmark. This bookmarks bring your bookshelf to life while keeping tabs on your favorite passages.

liquid bookmark. he liquid bookmark by japanese designer kouichi okamoto of kyouei design is a fun way to keep your page marked when your 
nose isn’t buried in a book. each piece is handmade by the designer and comes in a set of three colors: red, white and black.

Abracadabra Puffy Bookmark. The Abracadabra bookmark aims to make finding…

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One thought on “Creative Bookmarks Designs

  1. I love these, so cute!

    Posted by diary of a dashinista | June 2, 2012, 3:12 pm

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