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What’s in a Name and is it Really Important ?


If 1000 Primary teachers in the UK were given lists of new entrants, of which they identified certain names to be trouble makers, is this proof that the name you give your child, or your own name, may be affecting your life?

Read on to find out the hidden truths behind this disturbing phenomena.
Can a name be an influential factor in the development of a good or not so good personality?

If so, children and adults with certain names would have by default, an advantage, or conversely a disadvantage, if they have names that encourage prosperity, or poverty.

This is a very important argument, yet statistics to date seem to hold water in this regard. If empirically gathered data in a 2011 UK Teachers poll, where it was revealed that children with certain names are more troublesome than others, then there has to be something in a name that determines the personality type on new entrants, let alone adolescents and adults. But how?

Is it possible that names house clues to the success of some and the struggles of others? If so how, and what does your name mean for you? What about the names of your children; are they going to succeed or struggle because of what you have called them?

There is an escalating interest of the possibility that a name, like a compass, may point to a future career type, specific physical abilities, or even greater use of cognitive intelligence.

Further, if certain names could be identified as having greater potential of success in sport, intellectual pursuits, music or any specialist fields, would parents seek to find a name that would assist ‘their child’ to a better future? Probably!

Then we have to look at other factors that could come from this concept, even questions about our own names and wonder if they have been instrumental in creating our life experiences?

Elton John changed his name from Reginald Dwight, and Marion Morrison’s name was changed to John Wayne by a film director as it suited a part better, and it stuck. Did the act of changing their names affect their future success? YES!

Then, do the names Elton John relate to music and John Wayne to a tough western movie hero? NO! Their former names carry the secret to their success and the name changes only made it more comfortable for their audiences to accept. But one might ask; how is this so, and on what did I base this statement?

But before I provide an answer to that question, I have to show how such information is acquired, and how it supports my claims above.

EMPIRICAL gathered data; means the scientific method of gaining observable information from scientific experimentation. This means many experiments were conducted to find if certain names had a common factor or denominator in supporting the personality type of individuals. An estimated 200,000 case studies were undertaken over 32 years to support my work. The results are scientifically sound.

The name JOHN is very common in the western world; however the name JAMES is more common. Yet JOHN is a more successful business name compared to JAMES by 200 to 300 percent; this is significant.

If the name “John” is so successful, it has to have an element of some sort empowering it. However, as the majority of people, according to International research (98%) are more negative than positive, this may explain why the name John is recorded as the highest child sex offenders name and the highest mass murderers name as well.

Does, this make John a bad name? NO! Again it is the parenting and environment in a child’s youth that brings about the conditioning a child receives whether in harmony, or out of harmony, with their given name.

Children are subjected to influential conditioning before conception (genetic engineering of the parent’s genes) then at 3 months after conception they grow primary brain tissue that acts as an ’emotion recorder’. By the time a child reaches five years, their cognitive capabilities kick in and takes over, and then they have to deal with things in their daily lives from a conscious standpoint. Yet the child is unconsciously governed by a series of established conditions buried deep in their brain; in the “Amygdala nodes” of their early brain when it was under primary development.

Going back to the question relating to Elton John and John Wayne, and why their original names were more influential in their success, this is due to the psychological conditioning of their developing emotional brain, before their conscious awareness kicked in, trying to control matters and make sense of it all.

To prove this, I have had software developed that helps me to map the cycles and time frames of individuals, based on the empirical data I have, that maps and matches people’s lives to a set course of events and to personality matching.

This is extremely complex, but the software has cut the time element out and improved the accuracy of the calculations I have to work with, and then presents the results I seek.


Because my work is confidential, very few will hear of the work I do for individuals and commerce.

However, I am known on television, radio and for my stage work, but if you would like to know more about how to identify your name and how it affects your life, in the past, the present, and in the future, I have written a book answering your questions and it is available on-line at $29.95 as an e-book.


What does your name mean for you?
Is your name synonymous with money?
Can you safely change your name to another to bring more success?
Why are Baby Name books potentially dangerous?
Do you want to change your child’s name to help them?
What career does your name point to?
Are you adopted and does this complicate matters?
Have you changed your name by Deed Poll?
Who named you, Mum, Dad, someone else, and is this a problem?
Contact Peter for more information.


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