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Price Alerts

Now Bookfinda have an awesome new feature: price alerts.  If you’re logged into Bookfinda, you’ll see see some new text on product pages – “set price alert” (just under books’ picture). Clicking this will allow you to set an alert price. If this product at or below your alert price, Bookfinda will email you to … Continue reading

Oh if only that were possible…

Raising an Optimistic Child

By Susan Welch   “Raising an Optimistic Child” has captured the latest and greatest of parenting wisdoms, but that’s not all. As a child therapist of 3-5 year olds and a daycare provider of toddlers, I am pleased to say that it has affirmed my intuitions and greatly informed my practice, with children and adults … Continue reading

10 Easy Ways To Get More Reading Done

Written by Daniel Wong Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers. –       Charles W. Eliot “I really should read more books,” you tell yourself. There’s all this information you want to acquire, all these skills you want to … Continue reading

John Cotton Dana’s 12 Rules for Reading

1. Read 2. Read. 3. Read some more. 4. Read anything. 5. Read about everything. 6.Read enjoyable things. 7. Read things you yourself enjoy. 8. Read, and talk about it. 9. Read very carefully, some things. 10. Read on the run, most things. 11. Don’t think about reading, but 12. Just read.

Mark with the Spine

Here’s a past-perfect idea for old books: If a vintage book is falling apart, gently remove the spine from the binding and neatly trim the edges to create a bookmark. Using glue, adhere the spine to heavy card stock. To seal, brush on a light coat of decoupage medium. Punch a hole in the top … Continue reading

Author Robert Crais said on Facebook

“Another reason I love LA is because people like this live here. They painted their garage door to look like book shelves. My kinda people. (I took this pic on a recent walk, and, yes, this is a garage door. Feel free to share with your book-loving friends.)”

Are you?


Reviews: My Family Table by John Besh

“In My Family Table, John Besh shares some of his secrets for getting full home-style meals on the table for his beautiful family of 6. He gives hope and inspiration to busy parents who would like to make wholesome meals, but don’t know how to find the time. From eggs, fish, roasts, and soups, to … Continue reading

Originally posted on Outbound to Wonderland:
You guys, this: This is by far the best book I have read in recent memory.  If you are headed to your bookstore/library in the near future (which, you probably are, or SHOULD BE), this is a must-read. Must. Must. Must. From the inside cover: “Despite the tumor-shrinking medical…

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