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Reviews: My Family Table by John Besh

“In My Family Table, John Besh shares some of his secrets for getting full home-style meals on the table for his beautiful family of 6. He gives hope and inspiration to busy parents who would like to make wholesome meals, but don’t know how to find the time. From eggs, fish, roasts, and soups, to inspiring desserts, John explains how to prepare a variety of foods with perfection. John wants everyone to know that cooking doesn’t have to be a spectator sport, but that anyone can do it, no matter how hectic the schedule.” –– TopCookbooks.com 
“At first bite this book is a mouthful – I want to gulp it all in and dive for seconds. Chef John Besh remembers a time of organic preparation: cooking for our own families and enjoying the intimacy that each chop, stir, bite inspired. He dices up one amazing legacy in his newest addition, including stunning photographic images of his own family and the meals that are prepared with them in mind and at hand.” –– San Francisco Book Review 

“My Family Table: A Passionate Plea for Home Cooking, the follow-up book to Besh’s 2009 tome, My New Orleans, presents a convincing argument for making family time as special as possible by crafting and sitting down to meals together at home. By breaking bread around the table with those you love, he says, your bonds can’t help but strengthen, particularly if you eschew packaged, instant foods and drive-through fare. “I urge you to set aside manufactured convenience and to cook real food instead. You’ll be amazed at what this elemental act does — not only for the people you feed, but for you, as well,” Besh writes. Full of spectacular photography, the 265-page book brings to life the markets Besh frequents, as well as the family of six — including four young sons — that he feeds, all while juggling work at seven restaurants. Far from complex, the food and its preparation keeps accessibility and approachability in mind, with dishes ranging from Simple Meat Ragout for Any Pasta and Stuffed French Toast, to Roast Goose with Yukon Gold Potato Dumplings.” –– Dallas News 

“While home cooking may not be the key to world peace, [John Besh] convincingly argues that eating — and preparing meals — together can go a long way toward curing what ails our society. And then he offers strategies and 140 recipes that will inspire you to be part of the solution.” –– OregonLive.com 


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