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Book Reviews: BAGGAGE by Shelia Bolt Rudesill

5 STARS: “A widow, Holly is coming up on her 40th birthday and is content with life, until an unexpected man comes into her life and turns it upside down. Even with their children making life difficult Holly and Charlie try to make a go of it. I love how Sheila has created characters that you can relate to. You can’t help but cheer for them, share in their emotions, whether happy or sad. Thank You for this story and an enjoyable read.” Jamie Lynn Daughtry
 5 STARS:  “Any middle-aged person entering the dating game late in life will quickly identify with the characters in this book. The chances of meeting someone without “Baggage” are almost miniscule but in this book Shelia Bolt Rudesill balances the struggles with the joy. In this story, which opens with one of the most beautiful snow scenes I’ve ever read, 40-year old widow Holly learns that the modern-day Prince Charming (soon-to-divorced Charlie Prince) doesn’t sport a glass slipper; he brings two troubled “princess-daughters” of his own. And Holly herself experiences the ups-and-downs of raising her own adolescent daughter whose tale of a surprise pregnancy can only be written by the deft hand of a former pediatric nurse. It takes a seduction by a young artist to help Holly reconcile her feelings for Charlie with those for her dead husband. This episode also converges all of the book’s subplots: “She [Holly] suddenly understood that the opposite of death is not life–the opposite of death is birth. Life is yesterday, today, and tomorrow.” Yes, this book may be the modern equivalent of a fairy tale, but it’s also so much more. Highly recommended!  By Ashley Memory
5 STARS: “Holly Granger is looking forward to celebrating her 40th birthday and having a wonderful year. Widowed for many years, she has no interest in a relationship until Prince Charming comes knocking at her door on a stormy December day. What follows is the story of how these two hearts and lives journey forward in a process of self-discovery and love, despite the baggage they both drag along. Sheila creates characters that the reader can identify with as well as situations that will make you laugh and cry.” Shanna Hatfield5 STARS: “Very true-to-life. This author makes you feel like you are living with the characters. There is often someone you can identify with or someone very similar to someone you know. The situations are believable. I truly enjoy this author’s work!” Musicalperson

Wow. It’s 0421, and I just finished reading Baggage—all in one sitting. It’s been a long time since a book has held me that tightly… Great job! Linda Denton, North CarolinaLoved the trailer! The “players” look like they stepped right out of the book! And Charlie – hubba hubba! A fan in California

I really loved BAGGAGE!!! I think it is some of your best work!!! What’s next? You go girl!  Sharon R., Ft. Myers, Florida


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